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Michael Kalisky Schutz


The Flame

Michael Kalisky Schutz was born in 08.15.2001. An accident he had during his childhood (2012) forced him to spend a long period of time  at home. In order to fight his boredom, he requested a guitar. It was an acoustic one and it worked like magic. In a very short time, he managed to control the instrument and since then he never stopped to play it. His passion for music gave him the nickname 'The Flame'.

His main guitar is an Electric guitar; second are Classic and Acoustic. Michael has learned formal music in ‘Metro-West’ High School, Raanana IL, with courses of Jazz History, Music History, Arrangements, Hearing and Harmony. He played the local Big Band, conducted by Yuval Tabechnik as a lead guitar, Jazz ensemble conducted by Yair Laron. In summer 2018, he took part in Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA, as a member of the ‘All Stars Jazz’ ensemble. He graduated A in all courses; His Private guide was Curtis Shumate, ‘Theory in performance’ guided by Jacques Schwarz Bart, Ensemble 1 guided by Hendrik Meurkens, ‘Reading lab’ guided by Christopher McDermott, Chord lab guided by Mark White, ‘Ensemble II’ guided by Philip S. Grenadier and ‘Jazz styles lab’ guided by Ben Sher.


His ability rewarded him with a four-year Berklee scholarship which he could not executed due to a three-years mandatory service in the Israeli army. He continued to develop his Electric guitar skills with Raz Cogman and Classic guitar with the guitar master Yaron Hasson. During his youth he graduated in 2016 and in 2017 with excellence in music. In 2018 he got the city mayor's special excellence music award.

Along the years he practiced in composing, arrangements and recordings. In summer 2020 in parallel to his military service, he published his first instrumental album “The Voice of Peace” where he played all the instruments. The album's title name is in memory of Abie Nathan

His style considered as Jazz Fusion but is very wide as he makes beats, classic and rock-oriented tracks. Michael’s gear includes a Hand Made acoustic guitar, Taylor Big Baby BBT, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson ES-339, a costume hand made guitar by Jens Ritter 'The voice of peace' plus some unique sound guitars as ‘Pignose’, a 'Gittler T2' and a ‘Gittler armed forces’ one. The current amplifier is an old Fender Pro185 and a Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier. Michael is also composing with keyboards, plays the bass, ukulele and using a Mac Logic software as a recording station.

In 2020 he joined the IDF. During his military service, he received two certificates of excellence. In November 2021, in parallel to his military service, he joins "Rimon's Jazz Institute" for outstanding jazz musicians, led by Ronen Shmueli. In July 22, his second album "BACKWISE" was recorded live with the "Michael Kalisky Schutz Quartet": Koren Berkovich - Drums, Roy Zilbershere - Bass and Ilay Shachal - Alt Sax. The Quartet has performed live at the 'Guitar Loft' in Tel-Aviv.

מיכאל קליסקי שוץ, יליד 2001 הינו מוסיקאי שגדל ברעננה. הוא בוגר ׳מטרו-ווסט׳ במגמת מוסיקה בהצטיינות, זוכה פרס ראש העיר למוסיקה 2018. לאחר לימודי קיץ במוסד המוסיקה ׳ברקלי, בוסטון, מסצ׳וסטס, ארה״ב, הוענקה לו מלגה לארבע שנים, אותה לא יכל לממש בשל השירות הצבאי בישראל. אלבומו הראשון האינסטרומנטלי ״קול השלום״, הינו מחווה לזכרו של אייבי נתן ז״ל, שחלם את חזון שלום. למרות שבסיס סגנונו הוא ג׳אז, למיכאל סגנון מעורב, מגוון ובעל השפעות מראפ ועד לבלוז. מיכאל מנגן בגיטרות, בס וקלידים ומיומן בעיבודים והפקה מוסיקאלית. בשנת 2021 הצטרף למסלול Jazz Institute ״רימון״, בהובלת רן שמואלי. ביולי 2022 סיים את הקלטות אלבומו השני "BACKWISE רביעיית הג׳אז של מיכאל קליסקי שוץ״, עם קורן ברקוביץ׳ בתופים, עילי שחל סקסופון ורועי זילברשר בבס. ב-27.07.2022 הופיעה הרביעייה ב׳גיטר לופט׳ בתל-אביב מול אולם מלא והציגה את כל קטעי האלבום.

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