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Gittler T2 guitar
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The T2 is a minimalist guitar from Gittler Instruments. This guitar opens up new pathways to creativity. The chrome body and ebony fretboard provide a striking appearance, but what sets it apart is its own custom design - two humbuckers, a three-way switch, and a coil split - delivering great sound with a comfortable neck. Surprisingly light and portable, it boasts a 'foldable' design. it is simply amazing.


Jens Ritter is a renowned luthier known for crafting high-end electric string instruments, producing approximately 60 handmade instruments each year in his shop. This guitar features a solid body designed to emulate the sound of a hollow body. Initially created as the 'Princes Isabella' guitar for George Benson, this particular model has been customized with adjustments specifically for MKS. It boasts a unique pickup, electronics, and a few more tweaks.

Gittler Armed Force guitar


The Gittler Guitar is an experimental design created by Allan Gittler in the mid-'70s. The objective was to reduce the electric guitar to the most minimal functional form possible. This innovative guitar has found its place in the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA. The MKS modern model, features a Teflon™ impregnation, providing a smooth but extremely hard exoskeleton. This material is used in military weaponry systems due to its exceptional damage resistance.


MKS's collection of musical instruments, also includes a Hand Made acoustic guitar, Taylor Big Baby BBT, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson ES-339, the above custom-made 'The Voice of Peace' guitar by Jens Ritter and several unique sound guitars such as 'Pignose,' 'Gittler T2,' and 'Gittler armed forces.' For amplification, MKS employs an aged Fender Pro185 and two Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier. MKS composes using keyboards, and plays the bass and ukulele. MKS utilizes Mac Logic software as his recording station.

MKS GIBSON ES-399 guitar
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